What is the current way to record my screen / portions of it under Linux with GNOME and Wayland?

I used to rely on Peek but this has some problems lately with Wayland.

Other tools only work with X11 or, more dreadful, stopped development because of the 'difficulties' Wayland introduced to recording.

Apart from that it's quite a shame that the switch to Wayland imposes such difficulties for some devs that they eventually loose interest. Seems like they fight with this for two years now...

@w4tsn OBS in flatpak works great. But might be a bit heavy if you just want to create a minor screen record.

I used OBS to create

@sheogorath thanks. I'll try that.

Apart from that I hope for some lightweight tool, because I just want to capture a small gif for Frontend debugging and QA. But at least this works. Better than a not-working tool or no tool at all

@sheogorath hmm. Note that OBS will crash if you select Window Capture under wayland... :D

@sheogorath under "Sources" -> "+" -> "Window Capture (Xcomposite)"

@w4tsn Works fine over here :blobfoxthink:

Are you running the flatpak version?

@sheogorath yes I do. Flatpak version installed from GNOME Software

@w4tsn @claudius Gnome has a build in screen recording feature but it can only record the whole screen.
You need to set a keyboard shortcut for it in the keyboard settings to access it - there seems to be no other way, which is kinda strange.

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