Regarding the Apps wouldn't an architecture make sense where you have only one app (like FediLab) but as a framework which all project developers can use to integrate their own parts for what their platform is unique? Like a Micro-Blog, Video, Story or whatever interface but all the common fediverse parts like Notifications etc. are provided in a unified way?

I'd love a FediLab, where the basic features are one big upstream project and the single views and features are addons to that

@sheogorath @claudius thanks you two! I already followed up on this. I just don't know how to process it right now and what to say :blobconfused:
Except for social networks can be quite unsocial at times :blobeyes:

Technically it would be perfect to make a proposed upstream framework project from the sources and get every other fediverse project on board, but then again I'm overwhelmed by the current situation myself and barely able to keep myself from drowning :)

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